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Keychain Karnival is a Math STEM Program designed to teach students five math concepts in a fun innovative way! It was developed by Kaionta, who is an 18 year-old student at the Grand Center Arts Academy. He became the CEO & Founder of Keychain Karnival at the age of 7 and an author at the age of 16.

Ms. Sauywanna Davis works in Education and Information Technology. Her dedication to teaching, education and professional experience, make her a successful momager and entrepreneur. During her academic career, Sauywanna received a B.A., in Business Administration, B.S., in Management Information Systems, M.A. in Computer Resource & Information Management and a Teacher Certification.
Kaionta R Dabney

CEO & Founder

Sauywanna Davis

COO and Operations Manager

Better Family Life Staff

"Thank you for the experience. The students really enjoyed it. The intro did not seem to catch their attention at first. But when the hands-on activity started, students were very engaged with the STEM and keychain designs"

Tamia Coleman-Hawkins

"I love Keychain Karnival and how creative it is when it comes to teaching math concepts! It’s easy to get bored with math sometimes, but this keeps students, like me, engaged and excited for the next steps! This is the perfect workbook for classrooms and tutors👌🏾"

Cortez Springer

"What an amazing way to teach math concepts in a fun way to children. If you want to get your kids on the path for STEM Keychain Karnival is a great place to start."


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